IT for SMB

defined by 7 enabling qualities…


The wokati Solution is a fully-managed IT Service for Small, Medium-sized Businesses, throughout the UK.

We are experienced IT professionals who will manage your computers, your email, your network, your telephony, your security, your data and your applications.

IT serves Business. This is our principal directive. We are here to serve you. In doing so we will make sure everything runs smoothly and on-time.

Think of us as being your dedicated IT butler, who will look after your business with understanding, care and competence...


From Desk to DataCentre, wokati offers an enterprise-grade IT Solution for small medium-sized businesses.

The wokati Solution is a unique hybrid combination of Cloud and On-Premise IT Service, Hardware, Software and Support.

It has been specifically designed for companies who don't have their own IT Guy or IT Department.

It's got all the BoBs (Best-of-Breed technologies) to run your business effectively...


Data is the diamond of your business. It is ‘used’ to run the business and bring in revenue. If you lose your Data, you may well lose your Business.

The wokati Solution:

  • Stores and Protects your Data ensuring Business Continuity.
  • Makes that Data available to your People ensuring Business Mobility.

Whatever storm may come your way...


Digital Transformation for a Business is driven by the Digital Infrastructure it deploys.

When a business needs to 'move' quickly:

  • bring new staff on board
  • open a new branch
  • bring to market it's products and services

then its Digital Infrastructure needs to 'move' quickly too.

Digital Infrastructure of small medium-sized businesses is often limited to their main office PCs and a few laptops. This is a difficult setup to provision quickly, maintain, protect, share and support.

With the wokati Solution, Digital Infrastructure can be provisioned quickly for:

  • Any Computer
  • Any Data Set
  • Any Mission Critical App
  • Any Office

This gives rise to Business Agility. If you can move faster than your competition then you've got a competitive advantage.

Maybe your business will win...


There's a lot going on undercover, where we've automated all essential and routine IT processes and procedures so that they don't take up your time and get in the way of running your business.

Good IT Service for Business means ensuring the smooth operation of complex IT systems covering: High-Availability, Data Protection, Hardware & Software Maintenance, Capacity Planning, Performance Monitoring and Tuning.

It's what we do invisibly every hour, 24 by 7 by 365. We deliver Frictionless IT.

So that you can simply get on and mind your own business...


Computers and DataCentres consume a lot of energy.

It makes sense therefore to use only what we need, and source it from renewable resources.

wokati is an environmentally responsible company in principle, practice and product:

  • Our oCube Cloud PC only consumes 2W. That's 100x less than a conventional desktop PC.
  • All of our DataCentres have a Carbon-Neutral Footprint. Some even have a Carbon-Reducing Footprint. You can't beat that.

Adopting the wokati Solution will bring to your business:

  • significant energy cost savings
  • corporate responsibility for our environment

It's Green IT: good for your business and good for your planet...


Investing in Cloud-centric technologies makes sound business sense:

  • no need for large capital expenditure every couple of years on IT hardware and software
  • no need for long-term, tie-in contracts for IT services
  • pay-as-you-go
  • use-only-what-you-need
  • elastic infrastructure

In the wokati Solution there are no 'baggy trousers' you have to invest in and then grow into. It's a tailored-fit for your business at all times. As your business changes: people, data, apps & places, then so too does the cut of the wokati Suit.

Your business gets all the benefits, normally only afforded by and afforded to, a large enterprise.

For each member of staff it only costs the price of a daily cup of coffee.

At wokati we serve you 'Coffee Cup IT'...